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Improving numeracy with UNISON Yorkshire & Humberside 


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​​​​​​Each question is multiple choice and uses examples of everyday maths.


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There's no timer or progress bar so you can take your time to think.

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The questions adapt to you and only step up when you're ready.


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Take it at your own pace, have a break and come back whenever you need to.

Learning with national numeracy

However maths makes you feel, you're not alone. 

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free online tool designed to support you in working towards having the Essentials of Numeracy - the maths skills you actually need in work and everyday life. It allows you to find out your level and points you towards resources to help you improve.

Click GET STARTED to register and take the Check-Up. Once you have your score there will be lots of learning resources suitable for your level and based on your strengths and weaknesses. When you have done some practice with these and you feel ready you can retake the Check-Up and see your improvement. 



Natalie's Story

Natalie, a Support Worker, couldn't quite get to grips with her son's maths homework...until she used the Challenge!

"I was sent the Challenge from my local UNISON. I have a little nephew and I have a son who were the reason I decided to do the Challenge. My nephew started asking me some maths questions from his homework and I realised that my maths was bad and that I was quite slow with it. I realised I wanted to make sure I could answer questions from school. 

When I was younger, I missed a lot of school as I was poorly. 

I started using the website on my phone. I found the videos easy to follow and really clear. They were really helpful and I liked watching stuff rather than just being told to read stuff. 

My little boy does not sleep, so when he woke up in the night, I would be up for hours and I would do some maths to get me back to sleep! It worked and I learnt some maths at the same time. I did a little bit each day and I found myself starting to enjoy it. It became a habit and part of my routine. I hope I can answer some of my nephew's and son's questions now without having to sneak a look at Google!

The Challenge is great!"

Mother and Son